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    D.E. Pugel Inc.'s Daniel Pugel is a former law enforcement officer, a retired financial advisor, and an investment consultant. He now resides in Normandy Park, Washington.


    Pugel earned an Associate's Degree in Law Enforcement from Lower Columbia College and was recognized Outstanding Law Enforcement Student. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). He also held leadership positions at CSULB, including President of the Associated Resident Students. He is still involved in school alumni events.

    He also got a California Supervisory Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) credential. Full-time police officers who have successfully completed a certain course of study defined in the Commission's rule and a probationary term via the employing agency are eligible for the POST certificate.


    Pugel has also assisted in the training of police enforcement officers. To do so successfully, he obtained his teaching qualifications from UCLA and a Master of Science Degree from California State University, Los Angeles. He was asked to speak as a guest speaker on crime prevention at the National Police Staff College in Bramshill, England. The National Police Staff College was the primary police training facility in England and Wales at the time. The staff college closed in 2015 as the College of Policing took over the role of educating English and Welsh police officers.

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